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Generating 3D models has never been easier

Generate 3D models of objects, spaces, and people from images (photos or videos) captured using any device that has a camera. Create three-dimensional models quickly and easily in just 3 steps. Ours is the only platform that makes it possible to generate, import, and export 3D models as well as interact with them using more than 60 tools.

3D model of an Alexander the Great

In three simple steps

Step 1 of the 3 stages of 3D generation

1. Capture the video

Generate 3D models of objects by taking videos or photos of the areas around them. You can use any device with a camera.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of camera-equipped devices

can be used?


You can use any type of device that has a camera, such as a smartphone of any kind, a digital camera, a GoPro, or even a camera-equipped drone. Hyperspectral cameras can also be used.

How should I take videos and

photos of the object I want to model?


For best results, you must take enough videos and/or photos to capture the object completely. To do so, capture images from different perspectives around the object. Ensure that the object remains still, centered in the frame, and in focus at all times while the camera moves around the object to capture the images.

It is also essential to avoid lights and shadows that might distort the images used to generate the 3D model.

How long does it take to generate a

3D model?


It depends on the number of videos and/or photos needed to completely capture the object. Our statistics indicate that with a 1-minute video or its equivalent of 120 photographs, it takes an average of 10 minutes to generate the 3D model.

How many videos and photographs

do I need to generate a 3D model?


3D models can be generated with as little as 10 seconds of video and/or 5 photographs. However, keep in mind that to generate a complete 3D model, you must use as many images as necessary to fully capture the object.

It is not necessary to capture a large number of images. As long as the images fully capture the complete object, it will be possible to make a 3D model of it. If you are taking photos, there must be a 60% overlap between each photo. If you are using video, this is not necessary because we will automatically select the images that have the required overlap.

What formats can I

download my 3D models in?


The formats available for downloading 3D models in Mesh are: .obj, .glb, .stl, .ply, .stp, .dae, .pdf, .gtiff, and .png. You can also download an obj with the reduced polygons so they can be incorporated into Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, which we call arvr format.

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